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"Summer's Farewell" (B2S-Between Friends)

"Summer's Farewell" (B2S-Between Friends)

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Introducing "Summer's Farewell"

Embrace the new academic season with our captivating "Summer's Farewell" arrangement. The perfect small gift for students to send to a friend to inspire them in the beginning of a new school year!

Designed using floriography and crafted with sunflowers, blue irises, yellow roses, and baby's breath, it's the perfect back-to-school gift to inspire your friend. Symbolizing strength and sunshine, the sunflower takes center stage. Paired with the wisdom and confidence of blue irises, it represents growth and learning. Yellow roses signify friendship and joy, while delicate baby's breath adds a touch of purity. Artfully arranged in an elegant vase, "Summer's Farewell" is a visual masterpiece. It serves as a reminder of your support and shared summer memories. Let this arrangement uplift your friend as their new school year starts!

Send "Summer's Farewell" today and inspire their new beginnings.


-A card containing a list of each flower used and it's meaning, for the recipient to learn and enjoy

-And a sweet, detailed note addressed to recipient incorporating the floriography of the blooms included

-1 flower food packet

Note included will read as follows:

(We can also create a custom note to your personal liking or you can write our own, just let us know when we contact you for further details after checkout)

{Student/Friend’s name}

Summer is over, and we are on embarking on a new academic journey! May your path be adorned with the vibrant enthusiasm of sunflowers, the wisdom of blue irises, and the joyful friendships symbolized by yellow roses. As you embrace knowledge and growth, let the innocence of baby’s breath remind you of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Wishing you a successful and fulfilling school year!

{Sender’s name}

-LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY (Tyler, Whitehouse, Troup, New Chapel Hill, Arp, Overton, Bullard, Flint)
-Contact us regarding deliveries needed outside the designated area

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