A unique Tyler, TX florist inspired by the lost art of Victorian era Floriography (the language of flowers)

Send endless types of messages to friends (foes too!), lovers, the victorious, or even be a secret admirer. Answer or propose questions, send congratulations, apologies, warnings, show love, friendship, regret or disdain. Place an arrangement in your home to elegantly show sorrow or grief, happiness, achievement or motivation/encouragement.

The messages and brilliant floral displays are almost infinite after centuries of evolvement of this exciting and cryptic language.

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Unique Prom & Formal Florals available at GreauxLove

We have different styles and options for school occasions, functions & celebrations. Choose your favorite and PRE-ORDER yours today!

"Fancy For A Night"➡️
  • "Young Hearts"

    Perfect as a unique gift for milestone anniversaries, renewing vows, or simply as a heartfelt gesture to celebrate their amazing journey together.

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  • "Opal Marigold" (October Birthday)

    Combining deep emotions and vibrant colors through meaningful flowers to create a one-of-a-kind heartfelt gift.

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  • "Euphoric Rejuve" (Get Well Soon)

    Delivers a heartfelt message of healing and well-being. Perfect for uplifting spirits and inspiring hope during any type of recovery.

    Send healing wishes! 
  • A "Greaux-ing" Family

    Was there a new baby just welcomed into the family? A co-worker, friend or acquaintance just add a new addition theirs?

    Send our "Cute as a Button" Floral Message! 

"Greaux-ing" Another Year Older (Birthday)

Floriography Birthday Arrangements Newly designed arrangement released every month! Celebrate another year... 

Eternal Love Garden (Love & Romance)

Floriography Love & Romance Collection Designs inspired by floriography to uniquely let... 

Speak through flowers today!

Messages of the Zodiac

Zodiac Inspired Collection Designs with floriography in mind, created using flowers with... 

Can't seem to find the message you need to send? Contact us, tell us more about it and our designer can create a specific, one-of-a-kind floral message for you!