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"Radiance" (Leo Zodiac)

"Radiance" (Leo Zodiac)

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Introducing "Radiance"

Perfect for a just-because gift to a friend or family member who appreciates astrology and/or the zodiac. Also great for a unique birthday gift!

Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Leo with our stunning "Radiance" Leo Zodiac arrangement. Featuring sunflowers, red roses, orange gerbera daisies, purple statice, and eucalyptus, it captures the essence of their energetic personality.

The sunflower symbolizes strength and confidence, while the red rose represents love and determination. Orange gerbera daisies embody creativity, and purple statice adds regal elegance. Eucalyptus provides a calming touch.

Expertly arranged, "Radiance" is a visual masterpiece that mesmerizes. It's a personalized tribute to the Leo's unique qualities, inspiring them to embrace their potential.

Gift "Radiance" to the Leo in your life and let them bask in their zodiac's beauty. It's perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or simply to show appreciation. Celebrate Leo's radiant energy with "Radiance." Order today and honor their passionate spirit with a one-of-a-kind gift! 


-A card containing a list of each flower used and it's meaning, for the recipient to learn and enjoy

-And a sweet, detailed note addressed to recipient incorporating the floriography of the blooms included

-1 flower food packet

Note included will read as follows:

(We can also create a custom note to your personal liking or you can write our own, just let us know when we contact you for further details after checkout)

{Recipient’s name}

Your radiance shines like the sun, dear Leo, captivating everyone around you! As nature’s masterpiece, this arrangement was designed using floriography to celebrate your dazzling spirit!

The sunflowers embody your warmth and positivity, while the red roses represent your passionate and courageous heart. Just like the orange gerbera daisies, your creative spark lights up any room, and the purple statice reflects the success and dignity that you effortlessly carry. As you admire this arrangement, may it serve as a reminder of your incredible strength, confidence and regal presence.

Embrace your unique qualities, dear Leo, and continue to illuminate the world with your charismatic energy. Your are destined for greatness, and we/I are/am honored to be a part of your journey!

{Sender’s name}

-LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY (Tyler, Whitehouse, Troup, New Chapel Hill, Arp, Overton, Bullard, Flint)
-Contact us regarding deliveries needed outside the designated area

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