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"Guidance" (B2S-To Teacher)

"Guidance" (B2S-To Teacher)

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Introducing "Guidance"

Let your child express their gratitude for their new teacher at the start of a new year through floriography and our enchanting "Guidance" arrangement.

Featuring pink roses, sunflowers, ferns, baby's breath, and daisies, it's the perfect back-to-school gift. Pink roses symbolize admiration, while sunflowers represent strength. Ferns embody resilience and friendship, while baby's breath and daisies evoke innocence and joy. 

Send "Guidance" as a heartfelt gift to honor your teacher's guidance. Let them know their impact is valued and cherished. Celebrate the new academic year with this floriography design!

Order today to express gratitude for your teacher's support and mentorship.


-A card containing a list of each flower used and it's meaning, for the recipient to learn and enjoy

-And a sweet, detailed note addressed to recipient incorporating the floriography of the blooms included

-1 flower food packet

Note included will read as follows:

(We can also create a custom note to your personal liking or you can write our own, just let us know when we contact you for further details after checkout)

{Teacher’s name}

As we embark on a new school year, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible impact you will have on our lives. Your unwavering dedication, passion and support make you a true source of inspiration.

Like the delicate pink roses, your presence in the classroom will fill us with admiration and gratitude. Your commitment to nurturing our growth and fostering a love for learning is truly remarkable.

May our experience this year be filled with the innocence of new knowledge and the hope of endless possibilities, as the daisy symbolizes.

You are like the baby’s breath, radiating innocence and purity that creates a nurturing environment where we can thrive! Your sincere and humble guidance, represented by the fern, will be the cornerstone to our new beginnings. And just as the sunflowers exude happiness and warmth, you bring joy and light into our lives, illuminating our path and encouraging us to pursue our dreams.

As we embark on this new adventure together, please know that your efforts are deeply appreciated. Your dedication and love for teaching inspire us to embrace curiosity, to overcome challenges and to believe in our own potential. We are truly fortunate to have you as our guide and mentor!

Wishing you an incredible school year filled with moments of growth, discovery and fulfillment. Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and for making a lasting difference in our lives.

{Student’s name}

-LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY (Tyler, Whitehouse, Troup, New Chapel Hill, Arp, Overton, Bullard, Flint)
-Contact us regarding deliveries needed outside the designated area

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