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"Aster-nomical" (Virgo Zodiac)

"Aster-nomical" (Virgo Zodiac)

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Introducing "Aster-nomical"

A captivating floriography arrangement that pays homage to the Virgo in your life. Perfect for a just-because gift to a friend or family member (or yourself 😉) who enjoys astrology and the zodiac! Crafted with the celestial beauty of Aster flowers (like a galaxy in the universe) and the delicate allure of Baby's Breath (like the stars within that galaxy), this design is a celestial masterpiece that embodies the essence of Virgo's meticulous nature.

The “Aster-nomical” design showcases the Aster, the birth flower of Virgo, known for its striking star-shaped petals and vibrant hues of purple. Symbolizing elegance, patience, and grace, the Aster perfectly captures the refined taste and attention to detail that defines Virgo. Its enchanting fragrance adds an extra touch of sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere wherever it is displayed.

Complementing the Aster is the ethereal charm of Baby's Breath. With its delicate clusters of tiny white blossoms, Baby's Breath symbolizes purity, innocence, and everlasting love. Its gentle and airy appearance harmonizes beautifully with Virgo's nurturing nature, evoking a sense of tranquility and purity that resonates deeply with this earth sign.

This design also includes a special, detailed note to incorporate the floriography used, making it a truly one-of-a-kind and personalized gift!

This “Aster-nomical” arrangement becomes a stunning centerpiece, bringing an aura of celestial beauty to any space. Whether it's for a Virgo in your life or to celebrate your own connection to this zodiac sign, this arrangement is a heartfelt expression of admiration, love, and appreciation. Immerse yourself in the enchanting galaxy of blooms as the Aster and Baby's Breath intertwine to create a cosmic masterpiece that captures the essence and energy of the Virgo zodiac sign! Sure to be appreciated by any astrology lover! Also an awesome and different take on a birthday gift!


-A card containing a list of each flower used and it's meaning, for the recipient to learn and enjoy

-And a sweet, detailed note addressed to recipient incorporating the floriography of the blooms included... which is what makes the arrangement so meaningful and make sense

-1 flower food packet

The note will read as follows: This is a template and will be personalized accordingly

(We can also create a custom note to your personal liking or you can write our own, just let us know when we contact you for further details after checkout)

[Recipient's Name],

As the stars align and the cosmos dance, let these vibrant blooms convey the depth of my admiration for your Virgo soul.

The enchanting aster in this arrangement represents your remarkable qualities as a Virgo. Just like this flower, you possess grace and elegance that effortlessly captivate those around you. Your attention to detail and analytical mind inspire awe, while your nurturing nature brings comfort and warmth to everyone fortunate enough to cross your path.

The delicate presence of baby’s-breath adds a touch of innocence and purity within, mirroring the purity of your intentions and your sincere heart. It symbolizes the gentle and caring spirit that resides within you, reminding me of the tenderness you bring into every interaction.

May you find inspiration in the asters' vibrant hues and blossoming petals. And may it serve as a reminder of your incredible strength, resilience, and unwavering commitment to perfection in all that you do. Your analytical mind, your loving heart, and your unwavering loyalty make you a rare gem in this vast universe and cherished by all who know you.

Happy Virgo season!,

{Sender’s name}

-LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY (Tyler, Whitehouse, Troup, New Chapel Hill, Arp, Overton, Bullard, Flint)
-Contact us regarding deliveries needed outside the designated area

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