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Compressed Coco Coir Brick 10lbs

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  • { Coco Soil } Coconut coir bricks provide an enhanced potting soil for vegetables when combined with top soil, peat moss or perlite. The coco coir provides roots to have something tangible to hold onto and through water retention, require less water.
  • { Superior Nutrient Retainability } This is especially productive as a seed starting mix to help seed use stored nutrients in both lawn and gardening soil. This Reduces watering frequency without creating plant stress, Application: Mix 40% Coco Coir into soil upon planting.
  • { 100% Organic } When coco gardening, having peace of mind that adding our product to your organic soil will not add any harmful toxins to help maximize the nutrients of what you are growing is a personal goal of ours!
  • { Expansion for Maximal Usage } Upon wetting the coconut coir block, it expands to 17-18 gallons worth of material. This expansion allows for mixing to create a coconut planting medium seed starter mix that includes making a coco coir perlite mix, coco peat soil, or standard coco soil with quality topsoil. Application: Mix 40% Coco Coir into soil upon planting.
  • { High Water Holding Capacity } Coco coir soil provides exceptional water capacity through coco coir's ability to hold up to 10x its weight with water, all while still maintaining excellent drainage and aeration. This allows root zone to maximize needed water without becoming waterlogged. Especially when compared to mushroom compost.