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Bokashi Compost Starter-3pk (1gal/2lb) Bags

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  • SCD Probiotics All Seasons Dry Bokashi – A chemical free way to kickstart your composting, retain otherwise lost nutrients & reduce odor. This 3 pack of 1 gallon bags makes it easy to stash a bag wherever you’ll need it. Kitchen, garden & shed.
  • Compost Starter – Kickstart your compost health with our natural blend of fermented brans & minerals. Our starter gives a powerfully probiotic boost to your compost, absorbs the extra liquid in your composter & reduces funky composting odors.
  • Easy To Use – Regularly add dry bokashi to kitchen food scrap bin or outdoor compost tumbler to get cleaner smelling, healthier compost the natural way. Especially popular for kitchen composting & winter composting but a go-to in all seasons!
  • Household Odors – A nontoxic solution for common household odors. Sprinkle bokashi into your kitchen trash can, diaper pail or kitty litter box to dispel bad odors & absorb moisture. An eco-friendly odor neutralizer that’s 100% kid & pet safe.
  • SCD Probiotics – We’re passionate about bringing the benefits of probiotic science to your personal wellbeing & household environment. Our regenerative, eco-friendly products are made with a small carbon footprint right in beautiful Kansas City, MO.